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November 2022 Newsletter

Topics: The Anxiety Cycle: How to Break Out of It – Do you need a relationship detox? – A very powerful way to focus on your own thoughts and emotions – Why it is useful to study Basic Counselling Skills ?

September 2022 Newsletter

Topics: Identifying and managing emotional triggers – Why taking care of your own mental well-being – Suicidal intervention – Basic counselling skills training – Weekend & Weekdays 

August 2022 Newsletter

Topics: The importance of self assessment –  PHQ9 survey – Employees on the verge of a mental breakdown ? – Keep learning about yourself with 5 Days Psycho-social Support Training – Tuesday Talk- a small conversation can make a huge difference – What to expect in Basic Counselling Skills Training – Individual counselling sessions help!

June 2022 Newsletter

Topics: Tuesday Talk- a small conversation can make a huge difference – Mind Body Reset Challenge 2022 Reward Winners – Basic Counselling Skills Training – Why it is useful to study Basic Counselling Skills ? – Clay Workshop for All

May 2022 Newsletter

Topics: Mental Fitness Workshop For Teachers – Basic Counselling Skills Training and Intermediate Counselling Skills Training – Who can attend “The Intermediate Counselling Skills Training Batch 5”? – Clay Workshop for Parents – How did we celebrate May 17

April 2022 Newsletter

Topics: Mental Health Awareness Poster – Self-harm: Factors and Emotions leading to Self-harm – Basic Counselling Skills Training & Intermediate Counselling Skills Training – Who should attend “The Basic Counselling Skill Training Batch 22”? – Who can attend “The Intermediate Counselling Skill Training Batch 4”? – Trauma 5 days Workshop- for patients with PTSD

March 2022 Newsletter

Topics: Self-harm: What is it, what triggers it and how to deal with it? – Employee Assistance program – Instead of going to a meditation centre during Thingyan – Top 10 things to do to stay mentally healthy – Trauma 5 days’ workshop

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