Julia Moenge San

Bachelor of Computer Science (Myanmar)
Basic Counselling Skills Training (Counselling Corner, Myanmar)
Mental Health First Aid Certificate (St John Ambulance, Australia)
Advanced Counselling Skills Training (Counselling Corner, Myanmar)
Diploma of Counselling (Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors, Australia) – expected 2022
Diploma of Psychology (Charles Darwin University, Australia)

In an effort to understand her own emotions and thoughts, Julia started learning about counselling. She wanted to heal something damaged within herself, heal trauma from her childhood in order to live differently. Julia worked hard and followed the Basics and the Advanced Counselling Skills training at Counselling Corner. She continued studying in Australia in Mental Health First Aid and is currently studying for diploma in counselling and in psychology in Australia.

Julia is a very friendly, bright and bubbly personality, who is energetic and a very good listener. She has been giving numerous trainings in Myanmar and in English language for professionals including volunteer medical staff to learn the basics of counselling and practice these in an interactive way. She makes sure that each participant in a training, webinar or workshop will learn new skills to use immediately in daily life. As she experienced first-hand the benefits of counselling, she is very motivated to help other people struggling with mental issues and helping them understanding themselves better.

She currently resides in Australia where she works since 7 years in design and volunteers providing first aid health services at public events. In between further studies and work, Julia always finds time to do what she likes best: supporting people.