Master in Business Administration – Heriot-Watt University, UK
Diploma in New Media – Republic Polytechnic, Singapore
Basic Counselling Skills Training (Counselling Corner)
Advanced Counselling Skills Training (Counselling Corner)

Marlo is an empathetic individual whose passion lies in healing and building a support system through counselling. Prior to discovering his full-blown passion for counselling, he has over a decade of experience in various industries throughout his journey in which he learned the essence of building trust and rapport with others. In the wake of the pandemic, Marlo’s budding passion for counselling has led him to pursue a path as a counsellor. Trained by Counselling Corner, he has passed the Basic and Advanced Counselling training as well as Group Counselling, Emotional Support training and many others. Currently, Marlo is tending to clients of all demographics and various backgrounds at two counselling centres while continuing to volunteer in many programs such as Psychosocial Support Programs.

Marlo is a proud LGBT himself and he has done extensive research on mental health needs assessment of Myanmar’s LGBTIQ+ community alongside other LGBTIQ+ organisations and iNGOs. Marlo understands how important it is for the LGBTIQ+ clients, who are bravely reaching out for counselling sessions, to have counsellor that can soulfully relate to them. Marlo recognizes that it can be difficult for some LGBT individuals to accept themselves as of their gender identity and those who are still exploring the realms of sexual orientation and different gender identities.

Growing up in Myanmar, Marlo knows first-hand the struggles that youths have to face in culturally traditional society. Hence, Marlo wants to provide a safe place for his youth clients who have been constantly subjected to the societal pressures and growing pains in the community, relationship and family dynamics in Myanmar society. Marlo’s approach with all of his clients has been to create an open and safe environment where empathy and sympathy are the core foundation values, and any issues, thoughts and feelings can be shared without any fear of judgement. Marlo believes in cultivating therapeutic relationships within himself and with his clients.

Always striving to contribute as much as he can to support the counselling community, Marlo instils a continuous learning approach in his life as well as in his professional life. He believes that there are no bounds to learning and expanding his horizons when it comes to counselling and giving a nourishing environment for his clients. Marlo discovers his passion for counselling when he seeks guidance for himself and want to be more in control of his life. Throughout the process, counselling has opened up his life to many ways he has never imagined and found himself. He hopes he can do the same for everyone and be a lending hand for everyone who is going through any issues.

You can now book through Counselling Corner Facebook Page or by phone if you want to take a counselling session with Marlo.