B.A (Hons) Psychology – Yangon University
Basic Counselling Skills Training (Counselling Corner)
Advanced Counselling Skills Training (Counselling Corner)

Nora holds a honorable degree in Psychology from Yangon University and was trained by Counselling Corner where she passed the Advanced Counselling Skills training with excellent marks. Nora has worked in both individual as well as group counselling sessions and she is specialised in the field of relationship problems and family problems.

Her greatest joy comes from helping people to find their inner peace and grow comfortably with their emotional experiences and ultimately with themselves. Creating a positive change for people has always been her drive to become a counsellor as she understands how important it is for any person to be mentally strong and healthy. As such, she also plays an important role in explaining mental health issues and giving general advice on prevention to the general public.

During a first in-take interview at Counselling Corner, when meeting with a new client, she works with her client to determine which therapeutic method is most suitable. The different therapeutic approaches she has been trained in include providing a person-centred approach, mindfulness and acceptance as well as commitment therapy.

In her spare time, Nora enjoys reading books about counselling especially on the topics of trauma and child psychology and she enjoys spending time with her friends.