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What’s Counselling?

“A talking therapy that involves a trained therapist listening to you and helping you find ways to deal with emotional issues leading to positive ways.”

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When do you need Counselling

A person’s body can be physically unwell as well as mentally. There is no specific time fixed on when to go to a mental health counsellor.

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Services we give

For people who need to to counselling, we are giving counselling services such as individual therapy, couple therapy, family therapy and group therapy.

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Counselling Corner brochure – Myanmar version

Counselling Corner brochure – English version


Feedback from workshop, webinar & training


“I feel desperate and depressed. After three sessions of treatment, I felt reborn a new life again. Thank everything respectfully dedicated to my therapist.” (Client, 28 June 2021)

“After workshop, I feel very positive and also gave me a thought of “I am not alone” during difficult time.” (Participant from free workshop, 7 August 2021) 


“I immensely enjoyed the Basic Counselling Training during the last 10 days. This truly has been one of the best choices I have made this year. I will also commit to the advanced course because I don’t feel satisfied stopping here.” (Participant of Training, 27 August 2021)


“Overall, the workshop time and facilitation is well enough and very helpful. The facilitator had given more than enough time to speak everyone and carefully listen and feedback given.” (Organization, 15 September 2021)