Hein Htet Lwin Oo

University of Medicine – Final Year
Basic Counselling Skills Training – Counselling Corner
Intermediate Counselling Skills Training – Counselling Corner
Advanced Counselling Skills Training – Counselling Corner

Hein Htet Lwin Oo has always been genuine in trying to understand people and listen to them. He has been always interested in Psychology and when he went through hard times during Covid, he noticed other people around him were going through tough times of their own and he wanted to find out how best to help them. Thus, he signed up for the Basic Counselling Training and completed up till the Advanced Counselling Training at Counselling Corner, through scholarships provided by Counselling Corner. Once completed he decided that he will use all his knowledge and skills to support other people and he has been pursuing his passion in counselling since then.

He wants to create a safe place for everyone in this fast moving world and ensure people can find their truth safely without being afraid of judgement.

Since completing advanced counselling skills training, he has been working as a volunteer and facilitator at various workshops and providing mental health services to people. He has also worked as a counsellor with INGO’s to support people living and working away from home. Hein Htet Lwin Oo has been involved with different mental health organizations and providing mental health services for people as volunteer counsellor and part time counsellor.

For counselling approach, he uses person-centred approach and believes people have the innate ability for their positive change. He walks alongside clients through their journey of finding their truth.

Raising the mental health status in Myanmar and advocating mental health well-being across all sectors is one of his drives. He continuously works on his professional development and learning new skills that can benefit his clients.

In his free time he loves to listen to music, play guitar, read books. watch movies. meet up with friends, and do workout and exercise routines. He takes care of himself and does self care regularly to be physically and mentally fit so that he can provide the best service to his clients.