Tin Ko Latt

M.B.B.S – University of Medicine 1
Basic Counselling Skills Training – Counselling Corner
Intermediate Counselling Skills Training – Counselling Corner
Advanced Counselling Skills Training – Counselling Corner

Tin Ko Latt graduated from University of Medicine 1 in 2019. Since then. He has been working in the mental health professional career. He completed the Advanced Counselling Training Course from Counselling Corner and has been volunteering and facilitating workshops and webinars related with mental health at Counselling Corner. He also finished several certificate courses about Psychology and an internship program from Passionate Heart organization.

Since his biggest passion is mental health, he has an enormous enthusiasm for this relatively new field in Myanmar. Just as many other people, Tin Ko Latt also faced problems and difficulties in his life. He tried to heal and is continuously focussed on improving his mental well-being by carefully observing and regulating feelings and emotions. He is keen to use his own experiences and observations to help others with their emotional and psychological side.

His counselling approach is non-directive and person centred as he believes the true changes come within from the individual self. He also educates and gives information to his clients on the functioning of the brain and the human mind in certain situations. His biggest dream is to elevate the mental health status in Myanmar and also to advocate positive changes within communities.

In his spare time, he gives his time to take good care of himself by doing self-care routines as a mental health practitioner needs to be fit, too. He also very much likes to learn and discuss topics related with psychology and mental health. Tin Ko Latt enjoys anything related to art, plays guitar and loves watching videos when he has time.