Psychotherapy & individual counselling

It is very common for humans worldwide to experience a time in their life that things are not going so well and there are issues with their mental health. People with mental health problems might feel stressed, confused, depressed, emotional & sad, short tempered, have sleepless nights, can’t concentrate or are obsessed about a particular topic.

These feelings may have a specific cause, for instance, the loss of a loved one. Other triggers include traumatic events, such as witnessing or experiencing violence recently or in the past. Mental health can also be influenced by our environment like the media we consume. A mental disease can be cured and just as any physical disease so it’s important that you take care of your mental well-being

Counselling Corner therapists are trained in a variety of techniques that can help you better cope with mental illness, resolve personal issues and to create positive personal change in your life. These techniques can include client-centred therapy, cognitive behaviour therapy or psycho-dynamic therapy or any other services.

You will need to take the first step and make an appointment for an intake session and your counsellor will then discuss a plan with you to work on in the following weeks. Usually, we recommend one session a week (50 minutes) and aim to achieve a positive results within 10 sessions. These sessions are yours and at any time you can decide to stop, take a break or even request for another counsellor; it’s your time and your effort that will lead to success.

Counselling Corner also offers couple, family and group therapy.