About Us

Counselling Corner is committed to our mission of improving the lives of others through counselling, psychotherapy and support empowerment by advocacy and facilitating positive social changes within communities. As a community-minded organisation, we sincerely believe that emotional healing and personal growth are within your reach and we aim to improve the mental health situation for people in Myanmar and the rest of south east Asia.

In our vision, we believe that mental well-being is an on-going, step-by-step process for everybody.

Our team of counsellors and facilitators is supported by professionals in communication, administration and logistics to deliver all our services professionally and with a passion for mental health. Our clients range from individual people who took the step to take care of themselves to international corporations taking care of their staff as well as civil society organisations and INGO’s taking care of their communities and people with an interest in mental health who want to become a counsellor themselves one day.

Our Team