Aung Min Thein

Psychotherapist & Founder Therapist at Counselling Corner
B.A Psychology M.Sc Master of Psychotherapy and Counselling

Aung Min Thein is a licensed clinical psychotherapist and the founder of Counselling Corner which offers psychological support to individuals, couples, families and groups. He specialises in working with clients struggling with anxiety, depression and relationship issues. Aung Min Thein has had notable success assisting clients in navigating difficult life changes, identity issues, relationship troubles, indecision as well as issues with sexuality and sexual identity. His efforts have helped clients resolve communication issues, which have led to improved intimacy, connection, self-understanding and relationship satisfaction.

Aung Min Thein approaches his therapy practice by providing a safe space where clients can focus on their current life challenges. He believes a collaborative process between the client and therapist leads to greater self-awareness and personal freedom, which allows both to focus on the present and onto greater things in the future.

Working from a psychodynamic perspective, Aung Min Thein helps clients to understand internal conflicts in order to help them gain deeper insight into the underlying cause of their anxieties, depression or indecision. He believes that an understanding of one’s emotional journey can bring about new levels of confidence in coping with life’s challenges. Aung Min Thein also adopts a humanistic person centred approach and is experienced in the major models of Solution Focused and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.

As a two-year post-graduate in Psychotherapy and Counselling from Western Sydney University, Aung Min Thein has acquired international skills and knows how to use these in a Myanmar context. He has worked in the field of mental health in a variety of settings including INGOs, LNGOs, and community mental health clinics in Myanmar and Australia.

He is one of the first overseas trained counsellors in Myanmar practising in Myanmar language and understands the cultural context of Myanmar society and customs.