Eaint Chu Moe Myint

B.A (English)
Basic, Intermediate & Advanced Counselling Skills Training – Counselling Corner
Trauma Competency Training – Counselling Corner
Lay Counsellor – Call Me Today
Counsellor – Phaw Yway Project, Myanmar Community Health Society

“Our feelings matter and deserve a place to explore in a safe and empathetic space” by Eaint Chu

Eaint Chu Moe Myint has become interested in counselling by undergoing through her own unresolved traumas and healing from them slowly. Prior to counselling, she used to be an English teacher and had working experiences in media and production where she met hundreds of young vibrant people who needed emotional support. From there, she changed her career into counselling field so that she can help Myanmar people better to have self-acceptance for themselves.

She attended basic to advanced courses from Counselling Corner, and pursued her career in counselling field since 2022. She has experienced in dealing with clients with anxiety, trauma, grief and loss, and suicide issues. Her approach in counselling is purely person-centered approach in which she creates a warm, safe and empathetic space for the client to explore their own emotions in their own pace. Moreover, she believes, “Our deepest answers are already there, but we need a counselor’s support to find our own lost keys.”

Her aim in life is to reduce the stigma around mental health in Myanmar society and to help Myanmar people through counselling.

In her free time, she loves to swim, play badminton and travel around.