Get Involved

We love to hear from you,  get you involved and help you staying mentally strong.

Paint or clay

We regularly organise paint and clay workshops in small groups. The counsellor explains about the session, you start being creative and use paint, clay etc to express your thoughts and then sit in a group to explain what you have made and the thoughts behind it.

Play the game

Memory Game labelled with different emotion cards designed by a local Burmese cartoonist can be played with a partner or a group of friends in school. You not only play the game but also learn to talk about emotions, which is good for emotional well-being and gives you the benefits of expressing with others. This is a lighthearted way of reminding that “emotions are normal and it is good to talk about them with your partner”.

Join our free emotional workshop

Every Wednesday and Saturday (6 – 8 pm) we organise a free emotional workshop for anybody to join and actively listen, reflect, show empathy and share your feelings with others. It’s free of charge and a big relief for many. It’s necessary to sign up in advance so look out for the announcements on Counselling Corner | Facebook

Write in your gratitude journal

Keeping a record of your own thoughts, plans, emotions and positive experiences is good to stay mentally strong. Counselling Corner’s gratitude journal is a perfect gift for yourself or others. Have a look at this video (link to Nora’s explanation) on how to best use the journal. Gratitude Journal | Facebook

Read a book about mental health

We have several books about counselling for sales at our counselling centre and we’re open daily. Some of the books are in English while others are written in Myanmar by Mon Halsey.

Watch previous talks by our counsellors

Plenty of talks from our Facebook Live sessions are available on our YouTube channel Counselling Corner – YouTube


Colourful banners with 10 mental health practises to decorate your office, Counselling Corner mugs, books, shirts and even scented candles. All items are related to mental health and can be bought at our centre on Bogalay Zay street or online (Counselling Corner | Facebook)

Sponsor a scholarship

As a company, INGO or individual, it’s possible to sponsor a scholarship and help us to give more people the opportunity to study to become a counsellor. Counselling Corner will select the right candidate who is truly interested in counselling but can’t afford the fees and this person will send back feedback directly to you as a donor.