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We regularly send out a newsletter to keep you informed on our activities and help you to stay mentally strong or support colleagues, family and friends.

November 2023 Newsletter

Topic: Toxic Relationships – Mental Health Centre project – ENHANCING EMOTIONAL WELL BEING : The Case Study Of Mental Health Workshops In Cyclone Affected Area – Memory Game – Mental health at the work floor

September 2023 Newsletter

Topic: About World Mental Health Day – Ideas to raise awareness for mental health – Ideas for Myanmar companies & organisations – Ideas for PR/Media companies – Ideas for individual people, friends and family – Competition – win a free Basic Counselling Skills training, gratitude journal or a memory game on emotions.

August 2023 Newsletter

Topic: Disabilities – Self-discovery Journey Workshop – Congratulations to 20 members of the Myanmar Blind Association on passing the Intermediate Counselling Skills Training – For companies: keeping staff motivated: organise a challenge

July 2023 Newsletter

Topic: grief – A pathway to inner peace – workshop at Kokkoya Organics – Animation movie and public service announcements – Weekly in person clay and art workshops – Re-using and extending INGO projects on mental health – Cyclone Mocha – mental health support

June 2023 Newsletter

Topic: LGBTQ+ community and mental health – Consultation versus counselling session – “I’m not crazy” – Counselling Corner talk with Mon Halsey – Emotional workshop for companies

May 2023 Newsletter

Topics: social media and mental health – Behind the scenes, clay workshops – Counselling Corner activities – 2845 respondents to a survey on depression in Myanmar – Basic Counselling Skills Training –

April 2023 Newsletter

Topics: stress according to phase in life – Behind the scenes – who counsels the counsellor? – FAMILY WORKSHOP – 3 GENERATIONS – Fill in the questionnaire for a follow-up study in mental health – Dutch university of applied sciences – we need your help to share and fill in the questionnaire – Getting motivated again after Thingyan: organise a challenge

March 2023 Newsletter

Topics: Addiction and Mental Health – Talking out loud – Year-end reflection workshop for staff – Consultation sessions – is something wrong with me?

February 2023 Newsletter

Topics: Reflection Workshop for Staff – Children and Mental Health – Individual Counselling and Consultation – Activities at Counselling Corner

January 2023 Newsletter

Topics: Listen to your body for well-being – Ground-breaking research on depression levels in Myanmar – Free video content database – Talking to Nature – Emotional Gardening Workshop with Kokkoya Organics – Activities at Counselling Corner

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