Community work & advocacy

Counselling is a new practice in Myanmar, and many people are not yet comfortable with sharing their emotions or discussing mental health issues but Counselling Corner hopes to change all this! In June, 2022, in collaboration with Andy the Trainer we introduce ‘Mind Body Reset Challenge’ on social media and on MNTV. Our counsellors have appeared as guests on radio & TV and social media and have written articles for local publications – such as The Myanmar Times. We also support local events like mental health seminars and the annual & Proud celebrations. Every Tuesday at 7 pm we organise a free LIVE Talk on our Facebook page, which provides followers an opportunity to ask and post questions.

In cooperation with local and international NGO’s we have given technical assistance to famous singers and artists to ensure correct content of the message going out about mental health and we have done workshops for over 2400 community leaders in 100 location nationwide to understand more about mental health, reduce the stigma against it and let people experience the importance of expressing emotions.