Ma Su

B. Med. Tech (Medical Imaging Technology)
Basic Counselling Skills Training (Counselling Corner)
Advanced Counselling Skills Training (Counselling Corner)

Ms. Su is an experienced and motivated counselling professional helping clients from a range of demographics and backgrounds and she is the founding member of Emotional Support Group specialising in Online Counselling Sessions. She passed the Advanced Counselling Course with high scores on both theory and practical exams given by Ko Aung Min Thein at Counselling Corner. Since then she started working as a counsellor under guidance and supervision of Ko Aung Min Thein who is a licensed clinical psychotherapist and the founder of Counselling Corner.

The base to Su’s approach to her clients starts by building a trusting empathetic relationship where clients can freely express their feelings and issues so that they can focus on the changes they want for their future. She believes in the power of talking and a harmonious relationship which leads to greater self-awareness and insights.

She also adopts a humanistic person-centred approach and believes that the client is the main person responsible for change and the therapist is just a helper or facilitator in the process.

Due to her life circumstances, she needed help to cope with her overwhelming life experiences from a counsellor to get by smoothly through difficult periods. She found the meaning of life through counselling and decided to become a counsellor herself. Her first-hand experience helps Counselling Corner clients to feel at ease and communicate openly. Her non-judgmental and bubbly personality helps clients open up and identify their issues more easily. This open communication is the base for a therapist to support a client seeing and believing in a way to change from within.

The good news is that you can now book through the Counselling Corner Facebook Page or by phone if you want to take the Counseling Session with Ma Su.