May Phyo Thu

Diploma in Nursing (Singapore)
Basic Counselling Skills Training (Counselling Corner)
Advanced Counselling Skills Training (Counselling Corner)
Clinical Teaching Course (Singapore)
Self-Leadership Course (Singapore)

May Phyo Thu has had an interest in psychology since her teenage years when she was living in Yangon. While working as Clinical Instructor in Singapore, her interest in psychology, especially counselling, became stronger as she noticed communities need more and more emotional support.

She pursued her interests and attended Basic Counselling Course and Advanced Counselling Course at Counselling Corner Myanmar where she learned the practical and theoretical side of counselling and passed successfully with all assignments and theses she wrote. Besides that, May Pyo Thu finished Trauma Care and Support Course at Serenity Counselling.

As a freelance trainer and counsellor, she has worked for psychosocial support programs in Myanmar and she has actively facilitated in numerous Emotional Wellbeing workshops and webinars. May Phyo Thu is providing counselling services by using person centered approach which focusses on the idea that all people have the resources and tendency to advance, improve and grow personally.

She continues working in the nursing sector at H.E.A.R.T.S Centre in Yangon and meanwhile continues to provide emotional support which she is most passionate about. She has a caring and nonjudgmental personality and she loves taking care of other people (both physically and mentally) while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

She experienced great losses herself and has gone through grief process and is eager to help and be there for the people who are struggling in their own grief process. During her 7 years’ experience in nursing in Singapore and in Myanmar, she realized and understood the struggles from especially youth and women and their mental well-being and she is dedicated to help and empower women and youth in Myanmar to become mentally strong.