Psychotherapy & individual counselling

It is very common for humans worldwide to experience a time in their life that things are not going so well and there are issues with their mental health. People with mental health problems might feel stressed, confused, depressed, emotional & sad, short tempered, have sleepless nights, can’t concentrate or are obsessed about a particular topic.

EAP (Employee Assistance Programs)

Counselling Corner offers an Employee Assistance Program to help HR departments support their staff. The packages offered are based on a fixed monthly fee per employee and entitles all employees to a number of webinars

Community work & advocacy

Counselling is a new practice in Myanmar, and many people are not yet comfortable with sharing their emotions or discussing mental health issues but Counselling Corner hopes to change all this! In June, 2022

Workshops & webinars

Our counsellors give interactive 2 hour’s workshops for 2 – 20 participants to do activities including concentrated listening, expression of emotions, showing empathy and giving support to each other through experiential learning.

During a webinar the counsellors share knowledge about one specific topic related to mental health.


Basic, intermediate and Advanced Counselling skills training
Psycho-social support training


During a consultation session, our counsellors talk with people who want to know how to support somebody close to them with a very specific mental health issues.


Together with INGO’s and with international education institutes we did research projects to get more quantitative and qualitative information on mental health situation in Myanmar.