Yu Mar Thinn

B.A. (German) Yangon University of Foreign Languages
Basic Counselling Skills Training (Counselling Corner)
Advanced Counselling Skills Training (Counselling Corner)

Since Ms. Yu Mar Thinn was a child, she had a strong interest in psychology and helping other people to overcome difficulties. She eagerly studied the Basic and Advanced Counselling course at Counselling Corner and wrote essays and final analysis reports reviewed and discussed by a certified psychotherapist. She also finished a Trauma Care & Support course at Serenity Counselling.

Yu Mar Thinn is using Person Centered therapy with Psychodynamic approaches to promote optimal mental health for the people in Myanmar. She has lead numerous emotional workshops with diverse groups from all over the country. Being a

trauma survivor herself, she is eager to help discovering the true meaning of life to those who are stuck in their traumatized emotions. Her first hand insights, help clients to explore themselves in their healing journey.

Since she loves yoga, she is studying how Yoga Therapy can help people to overcome the physical pain caused by deep emotions and how yoga can help people to stay mentally strong. Besides yoga she loves travelling, an industry she started her career and worked in for over 10 years.