Counselling Corner Newsletter (English) – May 2022

Counselling Corner Newsletter – May 2022

We hope our newsletter helps a bit to mentally support colleagues, family and friends. During this challenging period we are open from Monday till Saturday (and Sunday’s on request) and operating online through Zoom application or face to face at our counselling centre on Bogalay Zay Street. Please do contact us if you need any help or have questions.

Mental Fitness Workshop For Teachers 

Teachers Need Principal Support!

Teachers tell their students that mindset matters. Yet teachers do not always allow themselves space to receive those same messages of reflection and self-care. During this crisis, 77% of teachers felt poor mental health was having a damaging effect on pupil mental health, and 85% said that it adversely affected the quality of lesson planning.


Counselling Corner is ready to care for the mental well-being of teachers. We suppose every school would have counselling options for teachers, who chose one of the most rewarding and impact careers. If you are willing to organize a private workshop for staffs/teachers, we’re happy to customize and it will cost 22,500 Ks.

Basic Counselling Skills Training and Intermediate Counselling Skills Training 

Rewarding reasons to join  “The Basic Counselling Skills Training Batch 23”

After interviewing two junior counsellors from Counselling Corner, we found their most valuable aspects of their careers. Their answers are as candid as they are inspiring, and their variety reveals just how vast and nuanced the practice of counseling really is. Whether you’re thinking about going to a counselor or becoming one, this list will break down some great reasons why should join this training.

  • You enjoy helping people solve their problems
  • You want purpose and fulfillment in your career
  • You cherish meeting new people
  • You are a good listener



Who can attend “The Intermediate Counselling Skills Training Batch 5”?

This is an interactive course designed for those who want to become competent in the use of counselling skills to help others, either in a voluntary or employed situation. The curriculum tends to be structured as daily lectures followed by homework or practical exercises, alongside structured learning activities and independent study. For those who’ve completed the Basic Counselling Skills Training, you may register “Intermediate Counselling Skills Training Batch 5” in June.

Registration :

Clay Workshop for Parents

Are you an anxious parent? Meanwhile, you might worry about right education path for your child and later demonstrate shielding and avoidance behaviors, engage in anxious talk, start thinking of tragic events and spend an excessive amount of time researching parenting questions. If so, you are welcomed to Clay Workshop, which will reduce trauma, depression, anxiety, and tension, as well as enhance the emotional, spiritual, cognitive, and physical well-being.

To manage the parenting anxiety and to increase self-esteem, in coming 12th June from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM at the office of Counselling Corner, our counellors will provide counseling services by using clay. By doing so, it works from the right side of the brain accessing thoughts and feelings in a different way to promote healing especially related to stress, depression and trauma.

Participants will share their feeling including profound, personal experiences associated with and recent memories, grief, loss and anxiety with others. Seated in a semi-circle, each participant was presented with a lump of clay and a wooden board. Registration open!

To reserve a slot, you may register from the link:

How did we celebrate May 17

May 17 is the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia (IDAHOTB.) Counselling Corner is proud to recognize and support the diversity of our members and staff, and to join in the fight against discrimination based on an individual’s sexual orientation and/or gender identity. We speak up against homophobia and transphobia and never make assumptions about another person’s gender. #IDAHOT2022Myanmar

Please do share / like and contact us if you have any questions or suggestions on the above or want to know more about our services. We want to make it easier for people to talk about mental well-being and we need help from all organizations in Myanmar to discuss mental well-being openly with your team and work on improving it.

You can see the Myanmar version of this newsletter on our website.

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