Counselling Corner Newsletter (English)– April 2022

  • Mental Health Awareness Poster
  • Factors and Emotions leading to Self-harm
  • Childhood Trauma Healing

We hope our newsletter helps a bit to mentally support colleagues, family and friends. During this challenging period we are open from Monday till Saturday (and Sunday’s on request) and operating online through Zoom application or face to face at our counselling centre on Bogalay Zay Street. Please do contact us if you need any help or have questions.


Mental Health Awareness Poster



All our counsellors have been brainstorming what is the best way for Myanmar people to prevent mental health issues and we hired 2 artists to design banners (120 * 60 cm) with 10 tips to stay mentally strong (see attached the design and the 10 suggestions in Myanmar and simple English translation)

The cost including delivery fees is 10.000 Kyats per banner. Do you have a budget to buy 2 posters for your staff canteen, your factory, your shop or your office and help create awareness for mental well-being?

We do hope you can help with this important issue, it’s a very cost-effective and easy way to start preventing bigger issues amongst your workers. We’re happy to add any other logos (or no logos at all) with orders starting from 10 posters.




Self-harm: Factors and Emotions leading to Self-harm


In our March Newsletter, we’ve introduced the fundamentals of self-harm and why raising awareness about self-injury is incredibly important. Several mental health conditions are associated with self-harming behaviors, including borderline personality disorder, depression, eating disorders, anxiety, or posttraumatic stress disorder. People experiencing these conditions might self-harm for one or more of the following reasons:


  • To help manage unbearable emotions and symptoms
  • To help regain a sense of feeling (for those experiencing numbness)
  • To help relieve stress and pressure
  • To help feel in control
  • To reenact a trauma in an attempt to resolve it
  • To protect others from emotional pain


There are self-harms in many forms and in order to know more about them and how we can help someone who is self-harming. To understand more, watch our video here on YouTube.


Basic Counselling Skills Training & Intermediate Counselling Skills Training


Counselling Corner organizes 10-day online training “Basic Counselling Skills Training” as well as “Intermediate Counselling Skills Training” and they both are held from 16 – 27 May (5:00 PM to 7:00 PM) from Monday to Friday in Myanmar language to people from all backgrounds, regardless of race, religion or ethnicity. Each training program takes 20 hours (divided over 10 days), which includes homework (on average an additional 20 hours).

It aims to be able to understand the theory and practice of basic counselling knowledge, to understand Skills Helper Model, to be able to understand counselling principles and counsellors ethics and to be able to understand the role of a qualified counsellor.

Who should attend “The Basic Counselling Skill Training Batch 22”?


Being able to counsel effectively is a valuable life skill for everyone, especially voluntary counsellors, psychology students, teachers, educators, nurses, social volunteers, etc. Previous participants include Human Resources staff, psychology students, faith group counsellors, and medical doctors. The course is both theoretical and practical meaning that all participants will be provided with opportunities to practice their newly learned skills. Anyone regardless of their identity and background is encouraged to sign up.

Who can attend “The Intermediate Counselling Skill Training Batch 4”?


This is an interactive course designed for those who want to become competent in the use of counselling skills to help others, either in a voluntary or employed situation. It is also for those who want to find out more about how to qualify as a counsellor. For those who’ve completed the Basic Counselling Skills Training, you may register “Intermediate Counselling Skills Training Batch 4” in May.

Basic Counselling Skill Training Fees cost 150,000 MMK and Intermediate Counselling Skills Training Fees cost 200,000 MMK individually. Both trainings will be delivered by zoom.

Trauma 5 days Workshop- for patients with PTSD


Do you have flashbacks of violence, trouble sleeping, or suddenly feel very sad, angry, or helpless? Then this workshop could be good for you.


This workshop is suitable not only for individuals but also for clients of health care organizations, care teams, NGOs, and INGOs. It aims to complete a picture of a patient’s life situation — past and present — in order to provide effective health care services with a healing orientation.

To understand childhood trauma healing, you may watch YouTube’s video, which was presented by our Junior Counseller- Yu Mar Thin.

During the trauma workshop, we work in a small group of a maximum of 10 persons to go through the past traumatic experiences through reflection and essays. The counsellor then helps clients to process this trauma by sharing how they feel, giving the emotions a place in their head, and then moving on. Working in a peer group is very powerful as emotions are shared and the effectiveness of the workshop is multiplied. A buddy system is used to support self-care for mental well-being.



<Workshop Details>

Date: to be discussed

Time: to be discussed

Minimum 2 – Maximum 10 participants

Language: Myanmar

Fees: 150.000 Kyats per person (sliding scale fees available)

Location: online through Zoom

We are looking for cooperation with INGO’s, local clinics, civil society groups, and other humanitarian organisations that can help identifying people who experienced traumatic events and have since then health issues.

Please do share / like and contact us if you have any questions or suggestions on the above or want to know more about our services. We want to make it easier for people to talk about mental well-being and we need help from all organizations in Myanmar to discuss mental well-being openly with your team and work on improving it.

For enquirers please contact us:

Email :

Phone: 09 785 074 173, 09 784 509 916


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