Counselling Corner Newsletter (English) – November 2021

We hope you stay mentally and physically safe & strong during the complicated situation. Both are important for being healthy for your body and having a balanced mindset can help us make better day-to-day decisions, and maintain relationships with people around us. Counselling Corner can support you, your staff and others in your community, to maintain a healthy mindset to put you on the path of success and this newsletter will let you know the updated information of what we are doing now.


Counselling Corner organises a 4 day online training “Introducing basic skills in supporting children’s emotional wellbeing” together with Nectar Services from 23 – 26 Nov (9:00AM to 4:00PM) in English. This training is aimed at mental health professionals (therapists, counsellors, psychologists), social workers and all professionals working with children. This course does not provide the skills to be a play therapist but it compliments your current skills to work therapeutically with children.

The course is run by Ms. Wailee KUI, Certified Child Psychotherapist and Counsellor (PGDip UK) who has over 12 years of experience working with children. She is an Accredited Play Therapist, Filial Play Coach, Child Counsellor, Clinical Supervisor and Course Director with PTUK/PTI and APAC (UK); a DIR/Floortime Practitioner for ICDL (US) and a Baby Bonding and Parent-Child Attachment Play Practitioner with BTLT (UK). She has trained professionals in APAC Play Therapy full course; has delivered talks in many international schools around the world; supported school teachers; coached parents and carers in attachment activities; provided therapy to children from varied backgrounds. She is a French national from Hong Kong origin who lived in Yangon, Myanmar from 2013 to 2021 and has now moved to Antananarivo, Madagascar with her husband and their two children.

Training Objects:

  • To allow Burmese professionals to work therapeutically with children through a play-based intervention
  • To provide basic skills and competencies in communicating with children in their language
  • To shift the perspective in the way adults understand children 
  • To contribute to your personal and professional development working with children

What knowledge and skills you will learn:

  • Basic play therapy skills based on a child-centered engagement
  • How to use play and creative arts as a way to connect with the child? 
  • Why play? The benefits of stimulation on the brain and overall development
  • Creating an attachment, building trust, how and why it is important
  • Reflective and focusing skills
  • Setting limits and boundaries while respecting the child’s needs
  • Enhancing the child’s well-being at home and at school


170 USD or 340,000 MMK for the four-day workshop per person.

Each day starts at 9am and ends at 4pm with breaks throughout.

We have announced this training post detail on Facebook – 4 days training, if you are interested you can register here. For further information related to this workshop, please contact facebook messenger or send the email to

Self-care and “ME” time

Self-care is not a cure for mental illness but it helps manage your mental health as even small acts of self-care in your daily life can have a big impact. Self-care looks different for everyone, and it is important to find what you need and enjoy, discover what works best for you.

During the whole month of October, we have shared Live Talks about the “Importance of Mental Health & Self Care” and our counsellors have talked several times related to “self care” during our weekly Facebook live sessions. In case you missed one or want to have a look at it again or share with your friends or colleagues – see the links here:

“Importance of Mental Health & Self Care”

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

And additional interesting Live talks here:

Consequences of Lack of Mental Health & Lack of Self Care

Emotions during Pandemic

Self Care for Pandemic Vs General Self Care

Individual counselling services – how does it work

Counselling Corner therapists are trained in a variety of techniques that can help you better cope with mental illness, resolve personal issues and to create positive personal change in your life. These techniques can include client-centered therapy, cognitive behaviour therapy or psycho-dynamic therapy.

But you need to take the first step. If you’re interested in any or our services, or would like to talk with a counsellor, you’re welcome to make an appointment for an initial session. You’ll have the opportunity to discuss your issues in this hour-long session, after which time our counsellor will work on creating a plan for you to work on in the coming weeks.

Usually we recommend one session a week (50 minutes each), aiming to achieve positive results within 10 sessions. These sessions are yours and at any time you can decide to stop, take a break or even request for another counsellor; it’s your time and your effort that will lead to success. For individual sessions, please make the appointment by calling 09-784509916.

Training Myanmar’s next generation of counsellors, Intermediate Counselling training and sponsor a scholarship

Counselling Corner provides regular Basic Counselling Skills Training which takes in total 20 hours divided over 10 days plus additional about 20 hours of home-works.

Starting from last month, we have launched an Intermediate Counselling Skills Training Batch in order to give more time for technique and practise to all participants. During the Intermediate training the participants get more time to practise their skills and learn for example how to lead emotional workshops.

Our aim is to improve the mental health situation in Myanmar and training of more counsellors is an important part of this mission. As there is no other education possibility within Myanmar in psychotherapy and counselling we aim to support people interested around the country and strive to the highest quality of training. We do this internally with our trainings which will be in 3 steps: Basic, Intermediate and then Advanced Counselling Training as well as externally by facilitating external trainers like Wailee Kui’s 4 days training “basic skills in supporting children’s emotional wellbeing”

We are planning to open Intermediate training – Batch II in the coming month and will announce the details on Facebook.

As a company or INGO it’s possible to sponsor a scholarship; you can sponsor somebody you know OR buy a sponsorship and let Counselling Corner select the right candidate who is truly interested in counselling but can’t afford the fees. Get in touch with Edwin Briels ( to find out how to sponsor a person to become a counsellor in the future.


“Counselling & Counsellor” Tuesday Live Program at 7:00PM in November

Each month we discuss a different topic in psychology through our social media including YouTube, Telegram and Facebook. This month’s topic is “Counselling and Counsellor” which will share about counselling knowledge and who needs counselling, etc . Counselling is a process of talking about and working through your personal problems with a counsellor.

Here is topics of Tuesday live program

  • What is Counselling?
  • Different Types of Counselling
  • What to expect from Counsellor in Counselling
  • Counsellors and Ethic

Stay tuned for every Tuesday live at 7:00 PM on our Facebook page.

 Please do share / like and contact us if you have any questions or suggestions on the above or want to know more about our services. We want to make it easier for people to talk about mental well-being and we need help for all organizations in Myanmar to discuss mental well-being openly with your team and work on improving it.

For enquiries please contact us:


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