Advanced Counselling Skills Training Course

Advanced counselling skills training is available for those who have received a certificate for attending the basic counselling skills training and Intermediate counselling skills training. This course is designed specifically for those who are willing to further their study in counselling subject and potentially start working as a certified counsellor.



By attending this course, you will be equipped with even more theoretical and practical counselling knowledge, understand different counselling models, trauma, attachment, and brain theory. Most importantly, you will get to understand yourself more at the end of the course. Because the course is much more practice-oriented compared to the basic counselling course, attendants will gain hands-on experience of what doing counselling is like and how to deal with different types of clients. Those who pass the advanced counselling training and show unmatched competence will also be provided with the opportunity to work as a counsellor at Counselling Corner.

  • Group Counselling Training
  • Wellbeing
  • Gender and Sexuality
  • Leadership
  • Self Care

For more detailed information please contact; phone – 09784509916

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