Intermediate Counselling Skills Training

Starting from October 2021, we have launched an Intermediate Counselling Skills Training Batch in order to give more time for technique and practise to all participants. During the Intermediate training the participants get more time to practise their skills and learn for example how to lead emotional workshops before you start learning Advanced Counselling Skills training. Intermediate counselling skills training is available for those who have received a certificate for attending the basic counselling skills training.


Our aim is to improve the mental health situation in Myanmar and training of more counsellors is an important part of this mission. As there is no other education possibility within Myanmar in psychotherapy and counselling we aim to support people interested around the country and strive to the highest quality of training. We do this internally with our trainings which will be in 3 steps: Basic, Intermediate and then Advanced Counselling Training. See the information about Advanced Counselling Training.

For more detailed information please contact; phone – 09784509916

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