Basic Counselling Skills Training

Are you interested in genuinely helping someone in crisis instead of just giving advice that will ultimately prove to be useless?

This basic counselling training course will prepare you with the knowledge and skills required to offer effective guidance and counselling to people in need. You will be equipped with skills that will help make a difference in people’s lives.


Objective of Basic Counselling Training Course

By attending this course, you will be able to understand the theory and practices of basic counselling, the Skills Helper Model, counselling principles and counsellors ethics, and the role of a qualified counsellor.



Who can attend this training?

Anyone regardless of their identity and background will be able to attend as being able to counsel effectively is a valuable life skill for everyone, especially voluntary counsellors, psychology students, teachers, educators, nurses, social volunteers, etc. Previous participants include Human Resources staff, psychology students, faith group counsellors, and medical doctors. The course is both theoretical and practical meaning that all participants will be provided with opportunities to practice their newly learned skills.

The next course will be starting on 20th July. We charge 150,000MMK per person. Total training duration will be 20 hours in total. The schedules range from Monday to Friday, 5PM to 7PM for two weeks.

For more detailed information please contact; phone – 09784509916

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