Introduction of Basic Counselling Skills Training

Published: Yangon, Myanmar, March (12) ၊ 2020

Capacity building training will be conducted to develop more good counselors. March 12, 2020 Yangon: A recent survey found that Myanmar still needs more professional counselors who can provide good counseling on mental health, and Counseling Corner will continue to provide quality training to fill the gap.

Counseling Corner’s first Basic Counseling Skills course was successfully launched in February. A total of 26 trainees attended. “We have screened and accepted the number of participants so that the training can be conducted effectively in a short period of time,” he said. As more and more people are interested in counseling in Myanmar, we will continue to offer basic as well as advanced training, ”said Aung Min Thein, founder of Counseling Corner.

The second basic course will be held from April 20 to May 1. Students majoring in Psychology advisers; Teachers and other educational service providers; Home or workplace consultants (For example, legal counselors, general counselors, nurses, staff management and social workers) can apply. Advanced Counseling Skills course will be launched in May for those who have completed the basic training.



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