Introduction of Advanced Counselling Skills Training

Myanmar၊ Yangon၊ June ( 1 )

We,Counseling Corner, are very proud to know that more and more people are interested in mental health in Myanmar than ever before. As mental health is becoming more and more influential in today's society, Counseling Corner offers monthly refresher courses to help you develop the skills you need to make the best of your situation.

Counseling Corner has successfully launched 5 Basic Counseling Skills courses. The open courses were attended by experts from various fields as well as postgraduate students in psychology at Yangon University. Advanced Counseling Skills Training at the Counseling Corner will begin in mid-June to give those who already know the basics of counseling an in-depth look at counseling.

The number of trainees has been scrutinized in order to be able to teach effectively in a short period of time. The Counseling Corner will provide online training to participate in global pandemic prevention. Practical activities will be taught in strict accordance with the rules set by the relevant authorities. Advanced Counseling Skills Training Students majoring in Psychology Religious advisers; Teachers and other educational service providers; Home or workplace consultants ( (Eg legal counselor, general counselor, nurse, staff management, social worker) can apply to attend.


For more Details, you can contact,; 09664017251 / 09784509916

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