Basic Counselling Skills Training

During 20 hours of online training (2 hours a day) we explain the basics of counselling including topics as the role of a counsellor, essential counselling skills, values, starting and ending a session and principles of counselling. Theory and interactive practise parts in break-out rooms which means that participants learn new skills that they can use immediately.Anyone regardless of their identity and background will be able to attend and learn this new and valuable life skill for everyone, especially voluntary counsellors, psychology students, teachers, educators, nurses, social volunteers, etc. Previous participants include Human Resources staff, psychology students, faith group counsellors, and medical doctors.

Dates for the next Basic Counselling Skills training:

Batch 31 – weekdays at 6 – 8 pm on Monday 5 Dec 2022 till Friday 16 Dec 2022 – 14 seats available
Batch 32 – weekdays at 9 -11 am on Monday 12 Dec 2022 till Friday 23 Dec 2022 – 18 seats available
Fill in this form to sign up for Batch 31: Register Here OR send us an email ( ) or call 09 785 074 173 for more information.