Coping Mechanisms And Emotional Wellbeing During Turbulent Times- February 2021


Counselling Corner aims to improve mental health well-being in Myanmar and in this regular newsletter we want to inform you how to take care of the well-being of the people in your organization.


Employee Assistance Program; show your team that you care.



Many people in Myanmar are going through a lot of emotions at the moment from fear to anger or from feeling motivated to feeling disappointed. Especially as a leader in your company it is very important to show that you care for your staff well-being.

Counselling Corner provides Employee Assistance Programs (in short EAP) so staff in your organization has somebody to talk confidentially and discuss any personal or work related issues that worry them. It can reduce their emotional stress and re-energize staff. One of the programs is a 2 hour online workshop that let’s staff talk freely about their emotions and share with their colleagues how they feel; it works as a stress-reliever as well as a bonding method so staff realize their colleagues have similar feelings.

The workshop “simple counselling techniques practiced” teaches new skills for each participant to self-care and include practical exercises to create coping skills. For this workshop we can have maximum 20 participants at the same time (as each person will have a chance to speak up and share emotions, feelings etc.) to ensure that every participant learns the skills and uses it in his / her daily job. The cost for the workshop is 450.000 Kyats.

Counselling Corner has received a LOT of positive feedback on this workshop in a sense that people really experience a behaviour change and use the coping mechanism also in the future.

We worked with international as well as Myanmar companies from the food & beverage industry, development organisations as well as schools and clinics.

7 tips to stay mentally fit when you’re out on the street

In the light of the recent events it’s important to find a good mental balance. Please see below 7 simple suggestions on how to stay mentally strong during this period

You can download these 7 suggestions here with additional explanation in English language or in Myanmar language. 
Click here for English Language
Click here for Myanmar Language

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Every Tuesday at 7 pm we organize a free Facebook Live webinar in Myanmar language with a different topic each week. We also uploaded a lot of content in Myanmar language on resilience, dealing with emotions and many other topics. Feel free to copy anything from our Facebook page and share with your staff.

Basic Counselling Skills Training

Counselling Corner provides regular Basic Counselling Training which takes in total 20 hours divided over 10 days plus additional about 20 hours of home-work. The new batch started on Monday 22 February and this time we decided to do things a bit differently. The heroes in the society at the moment are in the CDM and these brave people might need a lot of support from the people. Counselling Corner is starting to train people free of charge to be able to give basic counselling support to their peers in the future and we are doing these training now during office hours.

The training is usually for Myanmar people who want to improve their personal development and their skills and it includes not only theoretical training but also practical training. In the past we have trained over 300 people, many of them working in HR, training, humanitarian aid, religious field as well as many people in the medical field including nurses, doctors and volunteers working for example at telephone helpline, covid-19 quarantine centers and refugee camps. Counselling Corner’s aim is improving the mental well-being in Myanmar and we can’t do that on our own; therefore we train people in basic counselling skills to apply in their job throughout the country. If participants are successful in completing the training and proving their learned new skills they get a certificate and can decide to join the Advance counselling skills training.

The basic counselling training teaches the basics of listening, reflecting, what is counselling etc. Please see here the course content:

➢ What is counselling?

➢ The role of a counsellor

➢ A good counsellor

➢ Basic counselling model

➢ Natural helping style

➢ The counselling room

➢ Non-verbal Communication

➢ Empathy

➢ Acceptance

➢ Listening

➢ Questioning

➢ Reflection

➢ Starting/ Ending the session

➢ Principles for counselling

The training is very practical and everybody needs to participate, open up and this can sometimes be a bit emotional for some participants. We do recommend it for anybody interested in counselling and we have seen many people that followed the advance course are currently working in this field or using their new skills in their existing job.

The dates for the next basic or advanced counselling training are not published yet, but please do contact us if you are interested in the training.

Please do share / like and contact us if you have any questions or suggestions on the above or want to know more about our services. We want to make it easier for people to talk about mental well-being and we need help for all organisations in Myanmar to discuss mental well-being openly with your team and work on improving it.

Our colleague Cyndy’s blog on emotional roller coaster and how to take care of your own mental health during this time.


Today when I was shopping, another customer cut off the line at the cashier in the supermarket. I was angry and confronted her and told her to wait for her turn. Normally, I let people go and say nothing about this kind of behavior, but not this time. I don’t know why I behaved differently and was so angry at her. I feel my mind is like a roller coaster nowadays having many different emotions at once.

Click here to read more on some of the emotions I have felt strongly during the last weeks and how I tried to manage coping with these.”

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