Aye Myat Mon

Bachelor of Commerce – University of Sydney
Master of Business – University of Technology, Sydney
Basic, Intermediate & Advanced Counselling Training – Counselling Corner
Trauma Competency Training – Counselling Corner
Certificate in Introduction to Buddhist Psychotherapy Program – Nway Oo Healing Space
Certificate in Therapy Brief Self-Induction (Level 1 & 2) – To Day Psychology Classes
Certificate in Therapy Brief Self-Induction (Level 3 Candidate) – To Day Psychology Classes

It was through the process of counselling that Mon found her way in discovering her true-self. Counselling became the guiding force that allowed her to dig deep within herself, confront her fears and unearth her true values that being meaning to her life. This transformation has led her to pursue counselling as a career after years of being a business owner.

Her personal experience of finding herself through counselling has ignited a deep passion within her to help others on their own journeys. Since then, she has dedicated herself to continuous learning, attending workshops and seminars to pursue further education to enhance her skills and knowledge in the field.

Driven by her own transformative experiences, Mon is deeply motivated to help others find their true selves, just as she did through counselling. She has extensive experience in providing individual counselling as well as facilitating group workshops. She has facilitated numerous emotional wellbeing workshops and volunteered in many mental health support projects. Her hands-on practices and commitment in staying up-to-date with the latest therapeutic techniques ensures that she provides her clients with the best possible support.

Her genuine empathy, coupled with her expertise, creates a safe and non-judgmental space for individuals to explore their thoughts, emotions, and experiences. As a counsellor, Mon’s ultimate goal is to empower individuals to process their emotions, uncover their values and navigate life’s challenges to reach their goals.

She uses person centered approach that prioritizes in clients’ self-determination and empowers them to take an active role in their own transformation. In her practice, she tends to be more of a listener than a speaker, ensuring that clients are truly heard and can openly share their emotions. Through active listening and attunement, she carefully absorbs clients’ words and feelings and provide the support they need.

In her free time, she enjoys singing and listening to music, engaging in meaningful conversations with friends, and expressing her thoughts through writing. These activities not only bring balance to her life but also enhance her ability to connect with others on a deeper level.