Bawm Nu Mangshang

B. S. Psychology – University of the Cumberlands, USA
Basic Counselling Skills Training – Counselling Corner
Intermediate Counselling Skills Training – Counselling Corner
Advanced Counselling Skills Training – Counselling Corner

Bawm Nu is a dedicated and compassionate counsellor with a strong personal commitment to his practice. With a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of the Cumberlands, USA, he has a strong foundation in understanding human behavior and psychological processes.

Bawm Nu’s journey into the mental health field began as a means to understand and help himself. Recognizing the transformative power of counselling in his own life, he was inspired to extend his knowledge and skills to help others facing similar challenges. His personal connection to the mental health field enables him to approach clients with genuine empathy, and curiosity.

Driven by a natural inclination towards empathy, Bawm Nu approaches each client with compassion and understanding, creating a safe space for them to explore their thoughts, emotions and experiences. He is able to genuinely comprehend and validate their unique perspectives through his empathetic nature and foster strong therapeutic alliances. In addition to his empathetic approach, Bawm Nu’s curiosity plays an essential role in his practice. He possesses a genuine desire to understand clients’ world and the factors that shape their personality patterns. Through active listening and therapeutic questioning, he encourages clients to explore their own experiences, enhancing the therapeutic process.

Bawm Nu adopts a person-centered approach in his sessions. He believes in the inherent propensity of individuals toward self-realization. As such, he works collaboratively with clients and aims to facilitate individuals recognize their own obstacles and develop into fully realized persons, “just as an acorn develops into an oak”, in the words of Karen Horney.

In addition to a person-centered approach, Bawm Nu has also practiced Narrative Exposure Therapy (NET), a specialized form of therapy designed to help individuals process and integrate traumatic memories by utilizing story-telling and reconstruction of life events into coherent narratives. His experience and knowledge in NET enables him to guide clients through traumatic experiences and help them reframe their narratives adaptively.

Driven by genuine interest and personal commitment to the field, Bawm Nu spends his spare time delving into psychotherapy-related literature and exploring the theoretical and historical underpinnings of therapeutic approaches. His broader understanding and appreciation of therapeutic approaches allow him to provide a well-rounded and informed perspective to his clients.