Hsu Lei Nanda

BSc. Business Management (University of London)
Diploma in Management Studies (Singapore Institute of Management)
Basic and Advanced Counselling Skills Trainings (Counselling Corner)
Trauma Care and Support Training (Serenity Counselling Services)
Psychological First Aid Training (Serenity Counselling Services)
Early Childhood Care and Development (Chin ECCD Network)
Former Volunteer Counsellor (Nway Oo Healing Space)

As a proponent of positive change for all, Hsu Lei constantly devotes her time to studying and expanding her interest in the field of Psychology and Counseling to create a better everyday life and a positive impact for the many people. She has been interested in studying Early Childhood Education/Development since she was a high school student. She also loves children and teaching has been her passion since she was young. In addition, she was interested in learning about behaviors in adults and the relation between their childhood.

She holds a Bachelor’s of Business and Management from University of London (UOL) via Singapore Institute of Management (SIM). After 2 years of working experience in the retail industry in Myanmar, she has completed the Basic and Advanced Counselling Skills Trainings at Counselling Corner and participated in Group Counselling sessions through an experiential learning as well. She has also attended the training of Psychological First Aid and Trauma Care and Support Training at Serenity Counseling and Psychological Services.

As she believes lifelong learning is required and ongoing personal and professional developments are vital in meeting the unique needs of every client, she is continuously learning in the field of Counselling and Psychology to become a mental health professional. She has recently finished her certified training of Early Childhood Care and Development at Chin ECCD Network and continued her study of Child Psychology, Child Development, Positive Parenting and Trauma as her particular interests. She loves books and reading in her leisure time. She is not only learning at her own pace but also aiming to pursue another master’s degree related to Psychology as a formal learning and further studies in the future.

Due to the spread of Covid-19 pandemic and political unrest in Myanmar, there is an imbalance ratio between those who need help for mental health, emotional support and those who can provide

assistance and therefore, she joined Nway Oo Healing Space as a volunteer counselor in 2021. She worked with her clients to create a comfortable, safe place and confidential environment where they can be vulnerable, their thoughts and feelings can be shared without fear of judgment. Her approach to helping is the use of counseling skills of active and empathetic listening, reflection, non-judgmental approach, unconditional positive regard, and focuses on person-centered therapy approach.

She had experiences with cases such as anxiety, relationship issues, parenting problems, career challenges, fear, trust issues and PTSD. She could manage to help those clients to reduce anxiety, to increase acceptance, boundaries and self-love, to strengthen their core values and to change the perspective or pattern on relationship issues. She was able to help them to be comfortable and to perform well in their daily life activities. Currently, she is conducting many emotional well-being support workshops/webinars and others, both online and in-person at the Counseling Corner and is also assisting in Counseling Skills Training.

Embracing the importance of childhood to the future of all human beings, she is working on herself based on her own experiences. It is one of her biggest dreams to help children to have less physical and mental injuries, emotional wounds or damages that become fully happy adults and create a balance not only for themselves, but also for the environment and the world in the future. On top of that, she also eagerly intends to educate parents, caregivers, teachers or whoever works closely with children, and potential parents-to-be to nurture and raise children in the right way. One of her favorite mottos is, “Heal before having children so your children don’t have to heal from having you as a parent.”. However, she believes that every person with or without children should take responsibility to do inner self work to become a better person over time.

Last but not least, it takes courage to change especially when you are taking the first step for a change and it is important to know that you don’t have to be alone in this journey. You will find that she is here to work with you with compassion and help you make the changes that will help you lead a healthier and happier life. She is humbled to meet you where you are and together work towards a state of wellness, healthy and fulfilling life. To make our environment, community and the world beautiful, we must start with ourselves and from within. Together we are, we can create a valuable experience and to help you face and overcome your challenges through processing, healing and moving forward. We are proud of you for getting started and are looking forward to helping you with the warmest hearts.